Saturday, September 5, 2009

Advisory Board - AIM Advisers, Inc. Forms London AIM Advisory Board Comprised of Three Senior Executives with Significant London AIM and Commercial Experience

I am delighted to announce the formation of a London AIM Advisory Board comprised of three Senior Executives with significant London Stock Exchange AIM and commercial experience.  The London AIM Advisory Board is designed to assist AIM Advisers with its ongoing activities on London's AIM and provide a natural source for U.S. companies embarking on London Stock Exchange AIM IPOs to bolster their boards with seasoned, UK-based Non-Executive Directors.

The Advisory Board members’ bios can be found at

A summary of the London AIM Advisory Board members’ experience follows (in alphabetical order):

Frank Lewis
  • Non-Executive Chairman of China Evoline Plc (London AIM: CEVO)
  • Former Non-Executive Chairman or Non-Executive Director of a dozen London AIM-listed companies
  • Member of the London AIM Advisory Group, an external committee established by the London Stock Exchange
  • Member of the Quoted Companies Alliance International Working Group
  • Chartered Accountant in England and Wales and South Africa

David R.W. Potter
  • Non-Executive Chairman of Camco International Limited (London AIM: CAO) since 2006 London AIM IPO
  • 40 years of City experience, including; Deputy Chairman of Investec Bank UK, CEO of Guinness Mahon and Managing Director at HSBC and CSFB
  • Former Non-Executive Chairman of U.S.-based, London AIM-listed Solar Integrated Technologies and Vycon
  • Current or former Non-Executive Chairman or Non-Executive Director of a half-dozen London Stock Exchange AIM-listed companies

Adrian J.R. Smith
  • Chief Executive Officer of The Woolton Group LLC with offices in Florida and London
  • Non-Executive Director of RTI Biologics (NASDAQ: RTIX) and Byotrol plc (London AIM: BYOT)
  • Former Non-Executive Chairman of Carter & Carter, two acquisitions and IPO on the London Stock Exchange
  • Former Managing Partner at Deloitte and Arthur Anderson and CEO of Grant Thornton U.S.
  • Early career with Procter & Gamble UK and Ecolab UK, U.S. and Canada

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